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Our Russian classes develop the children’s interest in Russian language and culture, and build confidence in their abilities to speak, read, and write in Russian. Reading material is carefully chosen to be age-appropriate, interesting and sufficiently challenging without being overwhelming. All Russian language classes heavily rely on interactive game-based activities to keep student interest and involvement in the learning process. Students are placed in groups based on a number of factors, including age, level of Russian fluency, level of maturity, group dynamics and availability of space. We assess all students' language abilities periodically to ensure appropriate group placement. 

Please note: Our programs are geared towards heritage speakers with at least a basic ability to understand and speak Russian. If your child is starting to learn Russian as a foreign language, please reach out to us for private lesson recommendations.

Early Childhood
Age: 2-5 yo

The Early Childhood programs are the first introductory classes for our youngest students. The emphasis in these classes is placed on gaining familiarity with the spoken language, being able to answer simple questions and say short phrases in Russian, and getting accustomed to being surrounded by Russian speakers for the duration of the class. During class, we sing songs, play games, dance and do simple crafts with our hands to refine our motor skills.  Click here to learn more. 

Russian Language Development
Grades: K-4

The Russian language enrichment programs are structured in a way that best allows our students to be both nurtured and challenged. The younger groups focus on language fundamentals, such as spoken language acquisition and learning the basics of reading and writing. As the children grow older, we start introducing spelling exercises and simple dictations to strengthen writing skills and reading and listening comprehension exercises to facilitate reading and understanding.  Click here to learn more.

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Russian Language Grammar
Grades: 4-9

By 4th grade, we introduce elements of grammar to help students begin to understand language rules and patterns. We start by learning the properties of letters and simple rules and advance to more complicated rules of orthography, go over word structures, cases, conjugations and so on. Along the way, we study set expressions, proverbs, learn to translate and write texts.  Click here to learn more.

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Grades: 3-10

Literature courses are stand-alone courses for students in grades 3-10 to read and study works of literature by classic and modern authors. All material is read in Russian (sometimes in translation from other languages). Courses are designed for bilingual students and include elements of language study and some writing practices. Required reading level varies by course. All Literature courses are conducted in small groups of 3-6 students to allow for active discussion and student participation.  Click here to learn more. 

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