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johnson worksheets summer 2024

Click on your group name below to obtain your classwork sheets. The classwork sheet are password-protected. If you have forgotten your group or password, please contact the school administration. Thank you! 

For online classes: This packet contains classwork worksheets for all summer classes. Please print out the full summer packet, staple it and bring it to each class, along with the necessary supplies. If you prefer to print out worksheets each week, the necessary pages are listed below:

Lesson 1 - pp.1-5

Lesson 2 - pp. 6-10

Lesson 3 - pp. 11-14

Lesson 4 - pp. 15-19

Lesson 5 - pp. 20-22

Lesson 6 - pp. 23-26

Lesson 7 - pp. 27-32

Lesson 8 - pp. 33-35

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