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Golden Key Enrichment - A Russian Language and Math Enrichment program


Math Teacher


Tatiana grew up in a family of mathematicians in Voronezh, Russia, and was exposed to math from a very early age. She has always envisioned math as a vastly broad field, large areas of which even a young mind could explore when guided by an experienced hand. Tatiana spent her high school years in Moscow in a specialized boarding school for gifted children with a focus on Physics and Mathematics. There she was blessed to meet many teachers passionate about sharing the beauty of mathematics with young students. She then continued studying mathematics at Moscow State University where she received her Master's degree in Math. 

When raising her own three kids, Tatiana became interested in early childhood education. She spent a few years working in a Montessori classroom. Currently, Tatiana also runs a math club at Voorhees Middle School, and small home groups of “recreational mathematics.” In recent years, she has been participating in interactive math experiences with Moscow’s popular teacher and author of books on mathematics, Jane Kats.


Tatiana joined Golden Key in 2014. When not busy teaching math, Tatiana enjoys reading and traveling.


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