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MAth CIRCLES - PS-7th grade

All courses are designed to be a full academic year (30 weeks) and structured to progress and grow with the students throughout the year.  Our academic calendar is divided into three terms: Fall (12 weeks), Winter (9 weeks) and Spring (9 weeks). Students can enroll for the whole year or sign up separately for each term. Tuition for each term is due at the beginning of the term.


Math Exploration, Grades: Pre-K through 1st (groups Pythagoras and Euclid)


Group placement and homework:
  • Group placement is based primarily on age. Adjustments for moving a student up or down a level can be made only in special cases based on teacher and administration assessment of a student. In addition to mathematical skills, maturity and ability to work independently will be taken into consideration when considering group movement requests.

  • Weekly homework is assigned to Euclid groups.

Sample HW

Math Enrichment and Competition prep: Grades 1 through 7 (groups Archimedes, Gauss, Johnson, Lovelace, Noether)
Program objectives:
  1. Develop creative problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills in our students

  2. Build stamina, grit and a positive attitude in tackling difficult problems and instill a strong level of confidence in each student’s mathematical abilities

  3. Prepare students for math competitions such as Math Kangaroo, MOEMS, MathCounts and AMC8

  4. Help students advance ahead in their school math programs and achieve placement in honors / advanced courses

  5. Introduce students to exciting mathematical topics that lie outside the school curriculum

  6. Create positive associations with the beautiful subject of mathematics and remove the stigma that math is very hard or very boring

  7. Foster a community for mathematically oriented students and their families and foster peer relationships

Group placement and homework:
  • Students who attended GK the previous year should enroll in the next program (e.g., Archimedes after Euclid, or Johnson after Gauss)
  • Students who are NEW to GK Math Circles should enroll in the younger of the two program choices (e.g., new 2nd graders should enroll in Archimedes, not Gauss). If you feel that your child is ready for the more advanced program, please reach out to us for an assessment. 
  • Students will be expected to complete homework assignments and bring them to class for review. Euclid and Archimedes groups will be assigned about 45 minutes to 1 hour of homework per week. All other groups can expect 60-75 min of homework per week.

Sample HW

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