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Golden Key Enrichment - A Russian Language and Math Enrichment program


Art Teacher


Hanna is native Russian speaker from Riga, Latvia. She has a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts Education from the Academy of Arts of Latvia where she majored in Painting.


Hanna is a professional artist, painter, graphic designer and art educator with more than 20 years of experience teaching art to children and adults. She has worked in Latvia, Israel and the US. Her primary art mediums are oil painting and collage.


In 2006, Hanna presented an exhibit titled "A Tribute to Color; Hanna Vater and Young Artists” at the Artists' Gallery of Seattle. The exhibit was quite unique as it combined her own studio work with the work of her students. Hanna is excited about exploring the boundless possibilities of children's creativity, helping kids develop their vision, skills and intellectual abilities and motivating them to express themselves by the means of art using different creative techniques.


Hanna has two adult sons, Roman and Maxim. Her guilty pleasures include reading 19th century novels in Russian and watching old silent movies that she sees as “art in motion”. Hanna joined the GK team in 2018.

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