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Like the majority of the world, we are horrified by the war that Vladimir Putin has launched against Ukraine and we condemn the actions of this tyrannical dictator. Many of our students have family and strong connections to both Russia and Ukraine. We want to express our support and solidarity with everyone who is suffering from this senseless and evil war - first and foremost, of course, the people of Ukraine, but also people of Russia who don't support the actions of their government, and everyone who has family and friends in danger.

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Golden Key Enrichment is a children's Math and Language enrichment program on the Philadelphia Main Line.  


Our mission is two-fold –

(1) to show all children the beauty and elegance of mathematics;

(2) to help Russian-speaking families raise bilingual children;


To accomplish our mission, we offer a variety of programs, from a multi-disciplined curriculum, to stand-alone classes in many subjects such as math, chess, art and Russian language and literature for children from the age of two through middle school.  

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