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 Russian Teacher
Olga V - Golden Key Enrichment


Olga is a native of St Petersburg, Russia. A soloist in her high school choir and with skill in playing every instrument in her school orchestra, Olga graduated with honors from her local music school. She was fully intending to follow the path of a musician in college, majoring in vocal performance, when fate threw a curveball into her plans. Unfortunately, Olga damaged her vocal cords before her college audition. So instead Olga obtained her degree as a lawyer at the St. Petersburg Institute of Management. 


After college, Olga worked as a lawyer for over 15 years, most notably in family dispute law. Working with many families in the area of children's rights’ protection, Olga became increasingly interested in children’s issues and psychology. In 2020, she received an associate degree in Education and Psychology from the St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Education. In 2021, she supplemented her knowledge with a course in "Projective Methods in Art Therapy". 


In 2022, Olga moved to the US and immediately turned her attention to what she had been learning about for the last several years - working with kids. She took on a job teaching kids aged 4 to 12 at The World of Robotics center in NE Philadelphia. 


Olga joined our program first as a client, with her little son Ilia. With her great aptitude and understanding of child psychology, she closely shadowed our lead teacher Feruza in 4 different classes and also taught a small group since the beginning of 2023. We are happy to welcome Olga to our team!

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