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Math Teacher


Ekaterina (Kate) is a native of Soviet Georgia. She received her master’s degree in Mathematics from Moscow State University and her PhD in Computer Science from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPI).


During her graduate studies, Ekaterina researched early explorations of natural language processing in software engineering. Then, after graduate school, Ekaterina and her husband founded a software company that provided a specialized business management platform for sales and manufacturing companies. They successfully ran their business in Moscow, Russia, for about 25 years until 2022, when they emigrated to the United States.


Even as a little girl, Ekaterina found solving math problems absolutely captivating. Throughout her career, she cultivated her passion for math. In tandem with her professional commitments, Ekaterina tutored middle and high school students in algebra, geometry, and calculus to enhance their math learning experience and develop critical reasoning and creative thinking skills. Ekaterina prepared her students for math and computer science college entrance exams, achieving a 100% admissions success rate. She also worked with gifted students teaching advanced techniques for solving non-standard mathematical problems. Notably, one of her students won third place in the Russian National Math Olympiad.


Upon her arrival in the US, Ekaterina began teaching math to students aged 10-14 at the Marabou Camp - a multidisciplinary international educational camp for Russian-speaking children and teens. In February 2023, Ekaterina also joined the staff of the Geffen Academy at UCLA as a math co-teacher. We are delighted to add Ekaterina to our roster of online teachers in the 2023-24 academic year!

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