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Golden Key Enrichment - A Russian Language and Math Enrichment program


Math Teacher


Elena, is a native of Russia, and she obtained her Master’s degree in Financial Management from the State University of Management in Moscow, Russia. Elena also studied at Technion, the Graduate School of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Israel Institute of Technology, where she focused on Micro- and Macro- economics, Statistics and Financial Analysis, Game Theory, Stock market and Options.

After completing her education, Elena initially embarked upon a career in the accounting and banking industries in Moscow, Russia. However, upon moving to the US and volunteering for a number of years at her kids’ school where assisted with math, reading and computer lessons, Elena decided to pursue teaching math to kids full time. She started out teaching math to elementary and middle school students at the Russian school “Matryoshka” in Syosset, NY. After that she joined the Russian School of Mathematics in Port Washington, Plainview, NY, as Math Teacher and Office Manager. Elena has also taught math and robotics and performed as the Business Office Manager, organizing math competitions and developing the business and marketing strategy for Roslyn Academic Programs in Roslyn, NY and recently developed a curriculum in Python and has been teaching it to international students on Zoom.

We were thrilled to welcome Elena to our team at GK in 2021. Elena has enjoyed  teaching math to kids over the last decade and says that it gives her an opportunity to find an opportunity to make math accessible to each student in his/her own way. She lives in New York and has two sons who are interested in math and actively participate in math competitions, etc. Elena’s older son David has been assisting in math classes over the last couple of years.

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