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Golden Key Enrichment - A Russian Language and Math Enrichment program


Math Teacher


Ekaterina, a native of Moscow, Russia, has always had a passion for math. She received her Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (МИИТ). Since then, she has worked as a programmer at the Research Institute of Geo Inform Systems, a researcher at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism of the Russian Academy of Science and taught mathematics and computer science to young students at the Lyceum of Information Technology. We were thrilled to welcome her as a Math Teacher at GK in January 2017. Ekaterina comes to us with over 30 years of experience working in the field of mathematics.

Ekaterina is greatly inspired by working with children. In her lessons she tries to keep a balance between playing and learning, maintain a child’s interest without being overwhelming, and offer kids problems to think about without providing ready solutions. She believes in respecting each child’s personality and giving everybody an opportunity to realize their mathematical potential.


Ekaterina has two grown daughters, both of whom have PhDs in mathematics. She is also an avid traveler. As a result of accompanying her husband to his various job locations, she has lived for three years in Dublin and one year in Tokyo. Ekaterina also enjoys hiking – on numerous occasions she had spent over a month at a time hiking in the wilderness or skiing in the Kola Peninsula. Her other hobbies include playing piano and singing.



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