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art foundations

Fall: Artists as our Teachers

1-2. Landscapes. Our teachers are Vincent Van Gogh and Rockwell Kent (watercolors, pastels, sharpies)
3. Still life. Our teacher is Henri Matisse (pastels, watercolors)
4-5. Animals. Our teachers are Theodore Gericault and American primitivism painters (watercolors, pastels, sharpies)
6 Portrait en face. Our teacher is Kazimir Malevich (canvas, acrylic)
7. Profile portrait. Our teachers are the artists of ancient Egypt (pastels, construction paper, glue)
8. Full figure portrait. Our teacher is Niko Pirosmani (black paper, pastels)
9-12. Group portrait "Las Meninas". Our teacher is Diego Velazquez.

Winter: The Magic of Modernism

1-2 ,Pointillism. Our teacher is Paul Signac (multicolored markers)
3. Cubism. Our teacher is Pablo Picasso (construction paper, pastels)
4-5. Expressionism. Our teacher is Mark Chagall (collage)
6. Stained glass and its history, modern stained glass (multicolored markers)
7-8. Abstractionism. Our teachers are Georgia O'Keefe, Paul Klee (canvas, acrylic, paper, watercolor)
9. Skyscrapers, from the Tower of Babel to Burj Khalifa (watercolor, sharpies)

Spring: The Awakening of Nature!

1-2. Spring landscape. Our teachers are Camille Pissarro, Rockwell Kent
3. Spring in the city. Our teacher is Maurice Utrillo 
4-5. Flowers blooming. Our teachers are Georgia O'Keefe (pastels, watercolor and Vincent Van Gogh (canvas, acrylic)
6. Animals. Our teacher is Niko Pirosmani (construction paper, pastels)
7-8. Birds. Our teachers are the artists of Ancient Egypt (construction paper, pastels)
9. Final project - poster. 

Project materials/techniques: 

Watercolors, collage, acrylic, colored paper, pastels, Sharpies, etc.

  • For in-person classes, all supplies are included in the price of the class

  • For online classes a supply fee of $25 per term should be collected at registration.  

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