advanced school math 

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The Advanced School Math program for students in grades 1-5 will be based primarily on the Beast Academy curriculum by the Art of Problem Solving.

Learning objectives: 
  • Give students the opportunity to study core mathematical concepts at a faster pace and more in-depth level

  • Help students advance ahead in their school math programs and achieve placement in honors / advanced courses

  • Create positive associations with the beautiful subject of mathematics and remove the stigma that math is very hard or very boring

  • Foster a community for mathematically oriented students and their families and foster peer relationships

Group placement and homework:
  • A placement test will be required to join any of the Advanced School Math classes. Groups will be based on students' math level and not necessarily their grade level. 

  • Students can expect 1.5 to 2 hours of weekly homework.

  • Each student will be provided a Beast Academy online account (a $96 value!) and all homework will be assigned through this account.

  • A full year commitment is required for this course.